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Which Tree Removal Companies should you hire?

If you have a home or property in or near Melbourne, you most likely have trees and shrubs that need care, and sometimes removal or pruning. Even if every tree and shrub is in great condition right now, in the future you may suffer loss through storm or lightning damage, weather extremes like drought or flooding, insect or parasite damage or other accidents that damage trees. When you need a large tree or stump removed, you should get professional help. Removing large trees can be downright dangerous, and very labor intensive. Just think about that tree falling the wrong way and taking out the family car or even the house.
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A Tree Removal Melbourne Business like "A Cut Above the Rest Tree Surgery" has really good, qualified professional tree service personal. You can get quotes on tree removal cost, stump removal, all kinds of tree service and Tree Lopping in Melbourne. The right company can remove trees and stumps in an environmentally friendly way, giving you piles of tree mulch and firewood to save you money in the future as you garden and heat your home. Some trees can even be milled for timber to use in future building projects. Though this maybe for bigger commercial projects. Slabbing is another process offered by most good companies and involves cutting slabs out of the timber for use. With a good company, you will have very little waste.

You will want to look for a Tree Removal Melbourne company that is licensed, certified and insured for liability and injury of employees.Proper OH&S practises in place. Make sure the company has well qualified professionals working for them. Most good tree service companies have a certified arborist on staff. An practising arborist or consulting arborist is a specialist who is trained in the care,  management and growing of individual trees,vines, shrubs and  perennial woody plants. They are trained to work on very big, complex trees and the Eco system around them, and to work on preventing, or to diagnose and treat sick trees and plants. They can identify the insect, disease or parasite that is damaging your trees, then work to cure the tree and rid it of the problem in a safe and environmentally friendly way. They can also prevent problems spreading to other trees on your property.

Look for the company that has all the services available that you may need. The company should be willing to come to your property and give you a tree removal cost estimate and a plan of action, before you hire them. It is a good idea to locate the right service provider before you have a problem, so you will have a number to call in an emergency. Good companies will have many services available. Some services you want to have available are pruning, tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, dead wooding, hazardous limb removal, 24 hour emergency services, tree surgery, making mulch and firewood from your trees, milling of dead trees into lumber, disease, insect and parasite control, adding structural support and lightning protection to trees and other tree related services. "A Cut Above The Rest Tree Surgery" has tree removal services in Melbourne and everything you need, plus years of service and experience.