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The Advantages Of Using An Arborist To Care For Your Trees

Melbourne is a great place to live in and around, and part of the reason is its beautiful trees and greenery. All those trees and other woody plants need expert care to help them survive and stay healthy in the challenging climate of Australia. On your own property, you probably have trees and shrubs to help control sun, wind and other elements, as well as adding beauty. All of these trees and shrubs will need care and extra help at times. You can go the cheap way and hire a guy with a chain saw, or you can take a more thoughtful and profesional approach and hire a certified Arborist Melbourne service.

You may wonder what an arborist or arboriculturist is, and what they do. This is a professional, practicing the cultivation, study and management of individual trees, shrubs, vines and other woody plants that are perennials. They are different than foresters, but share many of the same skills. They focus on the safety and health of individual plants and trees rather than whole stands of trees. If an arborist works near electrical and power lines and wires they will need additional training and certification for Line Clearing Trimmers or Utility Arborists. An arborist can have multiple certifications through the Australian Qualifications Framework, ISA, or Arboriculture Australia Ltd. You can go to these organizations for listings of arborists near you and arborist reports.

When you hire a certified arborist, you are assured of the most knowledgeable and professional care for your trees and woody plants. Some of the areas an arborist can help you with are working on large, complex trees and their environments and Eco systems, tree pruning or removal, planting, transplanting, protecting trees and plants from animal grazing and damage, giving a tree structural support and lightning protection, preventing or diagnosing and treating trees with disease, parasite or insect infestation, removing weeds and invasive or harmful plant species and making sure your trees are in good general health so they live longer.

An arborist has knowledge in many areas including trees forestry, monitoring the treatment and environment of, and around your prized trees, removal of damaged parts of trees, or the entire tree and replacing the tree with a new one if needed. They can give you good educated advice on what you can do to keep your trees and shrubs healthy in times of environmental stress like drought or flooding and wild temperature swings. It is well worth talking to a Melbourne Arborist  when you are concerned about the health of your trees.